Good Reasons to Oppose GMOs.

Spend your money wisely

corn People who oppose the growing of GMO crops (I actually prefer to use the word “transgenic,” indicating that it contains genes from another species, because it is more specific and because critics will tell you that all crops have been genetically modified by centuries of artificial selection… this is accurate, and the more specific term helps to keep things clear) have come under fire for being unscientific, or for using pseudoscience to back their claims that transgenic crops are harmful.  There are good reasons for this; I am not one of those “GMOs are poison” people, mainly because I haven’t seen sufficient scientific evidence to convince me that there are direct adverse health effects from transgenic crops, and I think that opponents of these crops suffer from a lot of bad messaging.

I do oppose transgenic crops, though.  I think that there are a lot of good, scientifically sound reasons…

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