hiding e-mails, backfires …


The law is starting to catch up with a number of climate fraudsters, the media have started to poke around, now they are requesting the law release Michael Mann’s e-mails after years of looking the other way. Wow, even MSM reporters want to see Michael Mann’s UVa emails now

Manns_secret_emailsHere’s something out of left field (literally) and almost too good to be true, but it really is. Get this: 17 news organizations, including NPR, WaPo, AP,  now have grown a spine and filed an amicus brief (see download below) to OPPOSE in court Michael Mann’s effort to keep his UVa CLIMATEGATE-related e-mails secret.

Basically, Mann’s attempt at hiding his emails of work done on public funds and time from public view has backfired, and now is a story that has “legs” in reporter parlance. From Columbia Journalism Review:

Strange bedfellows: ‘Climate change deniers…

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