Welcome to South Carolina. We have 13 Tons of Plutonium, and It’s Not Going Anywhere

A plutonium pellet. Photo courtesy of The Center For Public Integrity. On Tuesday the Obama administration announced its plan to scrap the South Carolina MOX project . The state is sitting on 13 tons of plutonium from Hanford, Wash., Rocky Flats, Colo., and other sites, as well as from the Savannah River Site, according to the S.C. Sierra Club. South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley   announced yesterday that the state is suing the Department of Energy over the project.

The disposal of the plutonium is a part of a long-standing nuclear proliferation treaty with Russia. The Obama Administration says that the project is being abandoned because it is behind schedule and over budget, with a total estimated cost of $30 billion. Now the half-finished MOX plant is just sitting there.

In 1999 South Shaw AREVA MOX Services, LLC  began work on the design and building of a plutonium fuel factory  at the Savannah River Site (SRS) near Aiken, South Carolina. This was our…

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