Zen, Galileo and Global Warming

Patriot Dreams

Followers of Zen have a word that specifically describes a special event, a recognition of some profound truth or reality – satori. Satori is often described as a sudden awakening, and I recently experienced satori for myself.

All of us have had fun with oxymorons. We laugh at them, enjoy them and then ignore them as if they were Obama speeches. The common thread that hold all oxymorons together is the use of two words that individually convey, by definition, opposite ideas or concepts.

There are so many oxymorons in everyday use that they no longer even strike us as peculiar. “Jumbo shrimp”, “military intelligence”, “common sense”, “open secret”, “negative growth” and so on are used so often that the idea that the words themselves should register as mutually exclusive is lost completely. My personal favorite is the always popular “amicable divorce.”

The more often a particular oxymoron is repeated…

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