Belated Birthday Present

Rambling in the Garden

potting I spent a happy afternoon in the greenhouse today, pricking out and potting on most of the seedlings which were still in trays, restricting myself to 10 of each plant and wondering whether I could bring myself to compost the remainder. I have no idea if 10 will be enough to make an impact in the borders and the cutting bed, but it seemed logical to have two rows of each in the 5 x 8 pot trays that they were being potted into. The afternoon’s activity, whilst providing shelter from the thundery rain which saw off the morning’s sunshine, left a dilemma – the nice narrow trays which comfortably housed the half and quarter seed trays on the upper shelves could no longer house the repotted seedlings and left some of these larger trays with no sensible home.

I have a few of the little 9 or 6 hole…

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