Taos Earthship Village


The Zing

Fantasy time.

I’m tending squash plants. I’m smoking a Gandalf pipe. I’m hearing the birds. I’m looking over my sustainable domain with pride. Is this heaven?

The past few years, I have been indulging the idea of off the grid living. I have seen so many stories about individuals and couples building their own self-sustaining cabins, treehouses, homesteads, mini-houses, and all kinds of amazing eco-friendly housing. 

When I heard about earthships, sustainable homes made from recycled materials, I wanted to know more. Typically these homes have walls made from tires filled with compacted dirt, covered with plaster. Many incorporate recycled bottles into the walls (some in beautiful, well-planned designs). They often have large, south facing windows, which regulate the inside temperature and grow food crops and other plants. With solar energy and an incredible water system, these homes can be completely self-sufficient

When my boyfriend and I heard about an

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