4/1/14 OMG! GMOs!!!

Idle Lightle Cruising

As we continue to embark upon spring, we have noticed that the deer have been teeming in the neighborhood. Liberty’s ban on dogs at large has made the members of the Cervidae family emboldened to march majestically through our yards. This weekend I observed between eight to a dozen does and their offspring prance through a neighbor’s back yard in less than sixty seconds. These beasts have a proclivity for eating the hosta plants and have even brazenly assaulted my tomato plants in the past (a surprise as tomatoes are known for being deer resistant—I took it as an act of spite). However, I want to describe one of the ways we’ve been addressing concerns about questionable food products, so I’ll get back to the deer issue shortly.

This past weekend was very rainy and we opted to sit tight and enjoy baking and general putzing around the house since…

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