Day 1 4/5/14 9:45 am rent

It is clear to me now that I am far from the sustainable model I wish to become. I am short on rent because I have this habit of compassionate reasoning that allows me to accept roommates that don’t have all their finances in order. So I am subject to the outcome of having to pick up the slack and pay more then I should. Luckily that mentality has also brought people to me that feel the same way, so the burden is shared this time.

I will never loose my compassion
I will have to work harder until I am only surrounded by those who feel the same.

My hobby is to spread a message of symbiotic life and become a sustainable model that will allow everyone to see how connected to nature we always have been. To be an example of how small changes everyday can lead to a thriving planet and happy tenants.

Plant one native tree a month.

I need a job with the title
Sustainability consultant
but then again how does that pay my bills.

Anyway I’m off to work
I will be trying again to think up ways to save ourselves from destroying anymore biodiversity at 4pm when I get off.
I will continue to meditate on this while at work.
It is hard for me to leave my home life at home considering how much is at stake.


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