I just turned 25. 04/04/2014 this a rough draft about me, my message and my direction. Now to refine it.

I have always been fascinated with Nature. Probably because that is were I spent most of my life. This has resulted in a profound respect of all life and their limits.


I am
Douglas Raymond Lepore
That link is a video of a back flip I did off a two story building at 17 or 18. Sorry the only copy of that video exists on MySpace kind of sad. Since then I have toned my training down quite a bit and luckily it was before I had gotten any permanent damage.
I spent most of the last 6 years doing endurance training along with (unconventional acrobatics), as I would call it now.
However back when I pulled stunts like this I saw it as a healthy activity like physical education. I didn’t have the fear. No pains to speak of until I got into sparring a couple years later.

Currently I would rather be a healthy kind of active, hike, meditate, stretch, humm, drink tea, plant and study.

Studies include but not limited to.
Natural medicine,
Natural filters,
Marine biology,
Community strengthening,
Quantum mechanics,
Green energy,
Environmental science,
UN practice and procedure,
Foreign policies,
Human anatomy limits and resilience,
Biodiversity and its connection to sustainability,
Spirit and our shared thoughts,
And logistics.

Coursera, free
any subject
Ted talks, free
any subject
Twitter, free
World news, current events and environmental research.
WordPress, free
Human interaction, science, gardening, animal conservation efforts and current events
YouTube, free
spiritual warfare, money, world and universal history, ancient ancestors of all human kind(all cultures), biology and science.
Nature, priceless
where I learned to center myself and refine my humble intention. To convince all life forms that the “quality of all life” depends on how symbiotic we are with “the life forms around us”.

Now days I find that there is to many reasons to live to justify rash behavior or reckless habits.
I haven’t spread a message of sustainability yet.
I am not yet
Symbiotically thriving alongside nature.

Meaning that I strive to create a symbiotic foundation with the life on this planet that everyone can understand is needed for our planet to strive longer with more biodiversity and sustainability.

Today is when I begin attempting to make contact with the world of individuals.

I can use all the help I can get.
Please help
In order to spread this message correctly
I need whoever reads this to plant a native tree or shrub a month and native edibles* 3 times a year.
If you don’t know what plants are native.
Google what kind of ecosystem did my city destroy. Don’t really do that. Sick humour.
Native tree/shrub 1 a month, 3 native edibles a yr.
If everyone just did that one thing
at least we would have more trees for
filtering and cleansing the atmosphere and soil.
In a time when me and you are long since gone,
But our efforts could not go unnoticed and would be shared for lifetimes to come.

What’s at risk.
If I fail on spreading this message to someone who will feel as i do. I am afraid that in my theory, our generations future will result in leaving behind an ancestral smog of toxic waste that our children and our children’s children will in hail and ingest. The oil and gas refineries will be but vestigial structures from a long forgotten time of abuse and destruction.

I needed you to know a little bit about me
I have nothing to hide, no ulterior motives and no Ill intent. Now the message.

My message is simple
Plant more consume less,
Value knowledge and
Respect your responsibility to become more symbiotic with nature on the behalf of all life after you. Choosing not to act is a choice.

If we were focused on biodiversity and if we were sustainable and symbiotic with nature, war would quickly become a dying art as nature began providing for us in response to us providing for them.

Always remember. In order to increase the quality of human life we must start with increasing the quality of life we believe life forms besides us deserve.

This message must reach alderaan.
Aka. everywhere.
If you can translate this message and send it across the globe I would appreciate it.
Help me obi-wan kenobi, your my only hope.
My humble plea for assistance.

PS sorry about my poor grammar, long lists and tangents. My original life goal was to live off the grid, but that does not help all life on earth become symbiotic. so my new life goal is to present symbiotic life with nature as the single most important effort we make as humans.
Happy earth month everybody.

Native edibles* any plant that has nutrients that provide for 2 or more members of your native ecosystem.

Created on 4/4/2014
This is an outline of my intention and my sustainability message coming into fruition on my 25th birthday.
Coupled with some extra info about me.
If you have any suggestions on how to refine this message of sustainability.
let me know?
On twitter as @raymondlepore, Facebook as Douglas lepore, WordPress as gs114 or in the comments below.


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