2:45 wed April 9 the secret to a long marriage.

I love my little sister. She always surprises me with her wisdom, I am honored to know her.

My mother is beautifully strong willed, compassionately genuine and she knows what’s best for me if I listened more.

My brother has become more of an inspiration then I could have hoped for. Unmatched in grace other then by his wonderful wife and child. I am glad to see true love in this world.

My father has lifted my spirits when I was young and weak. The foundation in nature that was instilled in me during my youth will forever echo in my roots.

My mother says the secret to a long marriage is don’t divorce.

It is in our nature to apply meaning in our lives, or our lives lose meaning. it is while applying these meanings that we choose to look at the positive or the negative of anything or anyone.

It is imperative that we are kind and show mercy during these times, for they will determine the quality of life for everyone or everything.


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