Press and news/reality and compassion 2014 April 21st 6:46

Trade experiences, laugh at mistakes shared, and tend to the issue at hand. The fact is our planet needs healthy minds to take on the task of putting guilt and vengeance to rest. So we may begin to open the exponential growth of compassion, and share ounce more the endless bounty that nature provides when it is treated with symbiotic love. The same love we share with selected friends and close family. The love that takes into account how much you take, how much you give and the moments that are shared.

If compassion is a dying art then let our planet be the artist who restored this ounce powerful technique to its rightful place. In our hearts where it belongs.

Press does not give the whole story and news is not absolute.
Reality is full of perspectives and compassion listens to all of them.

Seek truth and share generously.
Compassion is not dead, for we are still here.


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