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The secular variation of a time series is its long-term non-periodic variation (see Decomposition of time series). Whether something is perceived as a secular variation or not depends on the available timescale: a secular variation over a time scale of centuries may be part of a periodic variation over a time scale of millions of years. Natural quantities often have both periodic and secular variations. Secular variation is sometimes called secular trend or secular drift when the emphasis is on a linear long-term trend.



1 Examples1.1 Astronomy1.2 Market trends1.3 Geomagnetic secular variation2 Notes3 References


The term secular variation is used wherever time series are applicable in economicsoperations researchbiological anthropologyastronomy (particularlycelestial mechanics)



Words, have they lost there meaning or do we choose to nullify the meaning beyond the words, because of our lack of knowledge on the root origin, of those words. Feelings came first, and in our dream to be able to share these feelings, we allowed words, to come, into existence.
These words are a fraction of a feeling trying to be shared. Until I understand the feeling they are just words. Until you describe that feeling for yourself we fail to be able to share these feelings correctly.
These words are created from thought but the feelings always existed, so be creative when deciding how to describe these words.

Love- the root of existence, that we dream of sharing

Compassion- the first understanding

Trust- the first feeling

Meaning- the question

Choice- the answer

Imagination- the gateway to all outcomes

Evil- to forget your roots

Forget- to lose sight of meaning

Feeling- the chance to remember

Remember- the ability of feeling love, trust, compassion and choice.

Chance- Now

Understanding- to trust in your feelings

Know- to have faith in a belief

Mothers Nature

Mother I am grateful for the love you generously share with me as I have been growing. Although I can never truly repay you for your kindness. Nor can I even come close to matching your love equally, I look forward to spending all of existence sharing this love to all I come in contact with. Ps if I was not so fortunate to have a mother so loving I would only hope to be perceptive enough to see these nurturing qualities in nature and feel the love you always wished you could share through it.

The shipping industry appears to be in trouble, environmentally and financially

The shipping industry appears to be in trouble, environmentally and financially

The Context Of Things

I’ve seen Season 2 of The Wire — “dead girls in a can!” — which is about the extent of my knowledge on international shipping topics, but I do find it broadly interesting. You could argue (and many have) that shipping is the foundation of our civilization. A lot of consumer products couldn’t reach consumers effectively if they were only transported on planes and rail, especially in this “increasingly global world” we discuss very frequently. As always, it’s all about the numbers:

“In 2012, it cost around 2.5 cents to ship a T-shirt from Asia,” says Rose George, author of “90 Percent of Everything: Inside the Invisible Industry that Puts Clothes on Your Back, Gas in Your Car, and Food on Your Plate.” She observes that “if you compare that to shipping before containerization, the transfer costs of getting anything to port, let alone on a ship, were 25%…

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