American accomplishments


I am not proud of all of the choices my country has made, but these and many other amazing accomplishments, make me very proud to be apart of this great nation.

1787 Created the constitution Avoiding religious prosecution

“Good for us” Pun intended

1865 The 13th amendment Freed the slaves.

“Finally! I know, it took a while after to actually get there full rights, but we got started making things right and slavery is still a thing elsewhere. Glad that’s over.”

“Wait for it”

1919 Women get the right to vote “Bam! Took us long enough”

Now, I know there are many pros and cons, but these are some of the pros that make me very patriotic.

Also let it be known, if America wasn’t created with so many different cultures coming together. I would not have the benefit, of learning and loving in close quarters, all of the beautiful cultures this world has, and I know I would not have the same appreciation for the many diverse people that inhabit our awe inspiring planet.

Be thankful and work hard for our country.

We can do better yet.



Secular variation wiki

The secular variation of a time series is its long-term non-periodic variation (see Decomposition of time series). Whether something is perceived as a secular variation or not depends on the available timescale: a secular variation over a time scale of centuries may be part of a periodic variation over a time scale of millions of years. Natural quantities often have both periodic and secular variations. Secular variation is sometimes called secular trend or secular drift when the emphasis is on a linear long-term trend.



1 Examples1.1 Astronomy1.2 Market trends1.3 Geomagnetic secular variation2 Notes3 References


The term secular variation is used wherever time series are applicable in economicsoperations researchbiological anthropologyastronomy (particularlycelestial mechanics)